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What We Offer

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Release Info

Everything you need to know about what's dropping, from the where, to the when & how.

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Site Monitors

Our bots are constantly scraping 300+ websites for restocks.

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Crypto Calls

We've got you covered offering expert calls from the best in industry.

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Pingshack works with some of the top bot/script companies to offer you bots at retail.

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1:1 Support

Our staff are always available for a chat. Offering 1:1 support for even the most trivial of queries.

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Random Resell

Expand your horizon with non-sneaker related flips, we offer a vast variety of oppurtunities flipping tech, collectibles and cards.

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Instore Pings

Wondering which of your local stores has profitable items in stock? Look no further, we'll keep you posted.

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Wanted to start botting? Our autofill tool is FREE for all members, forever.

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Much More

We could waffle here for longer or you could join us and find out what else we have to offer.

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Access to Discord group
Access to all raffles
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24/7 Monitor access
Access to our Autofill Bot


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Joining this group was literally life changing. Pingshack has became such a big part of my life in such a short space of time. Goated staff members, goated members, goated facilities for everyone to use. This is literally my first cook group I’ve ever join and will most certainly be the last. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to find such a caring community elsewhere.

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The difference in this group has been the tailored experience and the personal touch you get from people who understand the importantance of being a team and making sure everyone is making money. This is something that is lost on other groups and in other businesses in general, they realise at Pingshack that by helping you not only do you benefit but the community becomes stronger as a whole.

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I have been here for quite some time, almost a year I believe and to see the growth this group has had, not only in members but also in monitors, reselling/investments and all sorts of flips simply makes me one of the happiest and most satisfied members in here. Release information and pings are always timely and on point.

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I've been with Pingshack from the start. Where do I even begin? The community within the shack is unrivalled, really feels like we are one big family. Over the past year I have honestly made in excess of £30k which I am extremely grateful for.

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